Is Google Drive Available on Android TV? (Find Your Answer Here)

Is Google Drive Available on Android TV
Is Google Drive Available on Android TV

No, Google Drive is unavailable for Android TV. There is no dedicated Google Drive app for Android TV, unlike smartphones and PC.

Google is a cloud storage where many Google users keep media files, streaming contents, and documents for easy access on any device. Many cloud users want to stream their content on Android TV through the app, it’s unfortunate there is no dedicated app.

Since there is no dedicated app for Android TVs, I also try sideloading the APK file of Google Drive on some Android TV and I found that the navigation power through the TV remote is poor and scrolling often gets stuck even with an external USB mouse.

So how do we use Google Drive on Android? With my research, I have found probable ways to access your Google Cloud Storage on Android TV and I will be sharing you in this guide.

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Can you Access Google Drive from Android TV?

Yes, you can access Google Drive content from Android TV. Although there’s no dedicated app for Google Drive on Android TV and the APK file app does not run well on Android TVs, you can still access your Google Drive from Android TV.

In this guide, I will provide two ways to access your Google Drive Content on Android TV.

How can I connect my Google Drive to Android TV?

You can connect your Google Drive account to Android TV by integrating your Google Drive to a File Manager that has a web cloud feature. Also, with a web browser that supports HLS (HTTPS Live Streaming) and MSE (Media Source Extension), you can access any content in your Drive on Android TV.

How to Access Google Drive on Android TV

If you are one of the Google users who want to stream their Google Drive media contents on the large screen of streaming devices such as Android TV, congratulations you’re here. I’m going to explain how to access your Google Drive content on Android TV.

From my research, I found two ways to access Drive on Android TV:

  1. By integrating your Google Drive account to a file manager that offers web service
  2. Access to Drive as a web client through a web browser that supports HLS, MSE, and DASH

Method 1: Integrating Google Drive account into File Manager

Integrating your Google Drive account to file managers such as X-plore, Solid Explorer and other file managers with the web cloud feature is a better way to access the cloud storage as a local directory.  This way you can have the Drive content on the TV without installing the app.

That said, let’s dive into how to integrate the Google cloud storage:

  • Firstly, Open the Apps tab on the Android TV to launch Google Play Store and proceed to install the X-plore File Manager on Android TV. You can use other file managers such as Solid File Explorer, but the X-plore file manager is distinctive due to its dual-panel interface that allows you to open two folders at the same time. It also provides built-in features to view media contents, text in documents, and ZIP and APK files
Go to Google Play Store to install X-Plore
  • Launch the X-Plore File Manager and proceed to the top of any of the dual-panel interfaces to click your Android TV internal storage. A drop-down menu shows up
Click the Android TV internal storage from any of the interface
  • Navigate through the menu to select Web Storage with the OK button on the remote. A dropdown shows up where you click Add Server to view a pop-up window panel containing the list of web storage you can integrate with the file manager pops up.
  • From the Window Panel, select Google Drive and proceed with the on-screen instructions to input your Google Drive credentials
Select the Google Drive from the cloud storage list

Immediately after you finish the integration process all the files on the Google cloud storage will appear and you can access them through the X-Plore File Manager.

Method 2: Access as Web Client through a Web browser

Alternatively, if you don’t install the X-Plore file manager on your Android TV, you can access the cloud storage through you a web browser on the smart TV. You can access the Google cloud storage through the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Odin, Safari, and Microsoft Edge web browser.

Follow the steps below to access the cloud storage through the Android TV web browser

  • Connect your Android TV to an internet source and launch your desired web browser from the list above
  • Visit the Google Drive official Login page
Visit the Google drive official page
  • Proceed to input your account credential
Input your Google credentials

Once you log in to your account on the browser, you can navigate through the cloud, transfer files, search files, and perform all other actions you can perform on the Google Drive smartphone and PC app.


Google Drive is a safe cloud storage that offers users a free plan for storage of up to 15GB. You can keep different content including documents, videos, and other media content such as videos you can stream on any device including Android TV.

Although there is no dedicated Google Drive app for Android TV and other streaming devices, you can still access the cloud storage on Android TV with the methods stated in this guide.

Leave a message in the comment box if you have any suggestions, questions, or trouble accessing Google Drive through the X-Plore File Manager or as a Web client through web browsers.

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