Vizio Smart TV Won’t Connect to 5G Wifi? (How to Fix)

Vizio smart TV won't connect to 5G WiFi

Your Vizio Smart TV won’t connect with the 5G wifi you obtain to access faster internet service? Hang in there as you’re about to learn all you need to fix this issue

The advent of 5GHz also (known as dual-band WiFI) for a faster and higher performance internet service has taken streaming service to a high level of easy and smooth action. You and I want a faster internet service for our Vizio smart TV to ensure easy and quick access to the internet.

Some models of Vizio smart TV can only connect to the 2.4GHz internet service, therefore before you complain your Vizio smart TV can’t connect to 5g WiFi you need to be sure the smart TV can discover a 5g network broadband.

In this article, we will discuss how to confirm your Vizio smart TV can discover a 5G network, if yes, why the Vizio smart TV won’t connect to the WiFi, and how to fix the issue.

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How to know My Vizio Smart TV Support 5 GHz

Since the 5G network is fairly new to the technology space, only a few of the Vizio smart TV supports the new technology, especially the recent models. Hence, if you own one of the recent models of Vizio smart TV, there is a high probability it discover and support a 5g WiFi.

However, if your Vizio Smart TV discovers the 5G WiFi router, that is, the router’s name appears on the WiFi list available for your smart TV to connect, it confirms that your Vizio TV supports the network broadband. But this doesn’t give 100% assurance that you won’t have a connection issue, this ascertains that the Vizio TV supports the dual-band network. If you have a connection issue after this, jump to the “How to troubleshoot when my Vizio Smart TV won’t connect to 5GHz WiFi” section

Subsequently, if the Vizio smart TV doesn’t show the 5G router’s name on the WiFi list, you will need alternative ways to confirm its support and have the ability to discover the network broadband. These include:

  • Identify whether the Vizio TV support 5g WiFi by checking the TV model properties from the Vizio official website.
  • By checking the network band configuration to confirm the configuration code for a 5g WiFi

How to Check the Vizio Network Band Configuration

To confirm your Vizio smart TV support the dual-band (5 GHz) network, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Vizo Smart TV Menu tab by tapping the Menu button on the remote and navigate to the Settings Icon.
  • On the window that pops up, select ‘Admin & Privacy‘ and proceed to choose System Information.
  • A window panel showing a configuration code shows up. Only the following configuration code shows the smart TV support the dual-band (5 GHz) network.
    • 802.11a
    • 802.11n
    • 802.11ac

Alternatively, to check this information, you can refer to the Vizio smart TV user’s guide or manual to confirm the TV can discover the 5 GHz WiFi.

Why Won’t My Vizio Smart TV Connect to 5 GHz WiFi?

There are several reasons your Vizio Smart Tv won’t connect to a 5 GHz Wifi, one of which is the ability of the Smart TV to discover your WiFI broadband which has been discussed earlier.

Furthermore, your Vizio Smart TV may not discover broadband due to obstruction and distance. The 5 GHz broadband has a lower broad range, therefore the farther the 5G WiFi is from your TV the weaker the ability to discover it, same applies to obstruction. when it comes to transmitting strong WiFi signals to corners of the house or where there are many wall obstructions, the Vizio Smart TV may not discover the WiFi signal.

Also, the wireless capabilities of the router or smart TV may be switched off or the router being overloaded by other devices.

In any way, whichever the issue, this post will provide all probable solutions to bring troubleshoot why your Vizio smart TV won’t connect to a 5 GHz WiFi.

How to Troubleshoot why your Vizio Smart TV won’t Connect to 5 GHz WiFi

After you’ve confirmed the Vizio smart TV support 5GHz WiFi, if you still have issues connecting to the WiFi, here are the probable solutions.

Try out one or more of these methods to troubleshoot your Vizio smart TV network-related issue. Let’s get started

1. Power Cycle (Hard Reboot) the Vizio Smart TV and WiFi Router

Power cycle (Hard rebooting) is the process of restarting the smart TV or router physically without using it Remote. It’s done by disconnecting the TV and router directly from the power source. This process gives both the router and smart TV software a fresh restart.

This process helps to fix generic bugs and excessive RAM load that may prevent the TV from connecting to the WiFi signal. It’s important to wait for about five minutes to allow the TV and Router to discharge before you plug them back into the power source.

After this process, re-attach the TV and router back to the power source and go to the Settings tab to find the 5 GHz router in the WiFi list on the TV to connect.

If this problem persists, continue with the other methods below to resolve the issue.

Note: Ensure you wait for at least five minutes to ascertain the hard rebooting process will work before concluding it doesn’t resolve your WiFi issue.

2. Change the DHCP Settings

DHCP means Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, it’s a network protocol that automatically configures network devices such as the Vizio smart TV to communicate on an IP network.

Altering this setting is effective because there is a possibility that two or more devices connected to the router have the same IP address. If this happens, the Vizio smart TV won’t connect to that network.

If this is your problem, it can be resolved easily by enabling or disabling the DHCP button. This way, the configured settings make the Vizio smart TV compatible with the router and the connection is more reliable for the TV to connect.

Follow the steps below to enable and disable the DHCP setting button:

  • Open the Menu tab on the Smart TV with its Remote
  • Click the Network tab from the window to open the Network tab
  • On this tab, scroll down to the Manual Setup and click it. Here you will find the ‘DHCP Setting’ button
  • If the DHCP Setting is disabled, enable it by toggling the button and vice versa if initially enabled
  • Save the setting and try to connect your Vizio Smart TV

If this is the issue preventing the connection, you should be able to connect your Vizio smart TV now. If the issue persists ensure you keep the DHCP setting to its default and proceed with other troubleshooting methods in this guide.

For further explanation, here is a video representation of how to enable and disable the DHCP setting of your Vizio smart TV:

3. Configure the Router’s Security Encryption

This is used to solve specific problems relating to the network’s security. There’s a possibility the network’s security setting isn’t compatible with the Vizio smart TV. With this issue, the smart TV won’t discover the router’s broadband even though it supports the 5GHz signal.

To resolve this issue, you need to configure the router’s network to WPA-PSK [TKIP] encryption codex by enabling it WiFi setting using an external PC or laptop that can discover the 5GHz broadband.

Follow the steps below to enable the WPA-PSK [TKIP] router setting.

  1. Connect a PC or Laptop to the 5GHz network
  2. On the PC, navigate to the Windows search bar to type ‘Command Prompt‘ or ‘CMD‘ and click the app to open
  3. On the field on the CMD interface, type in ‘ipconfig
  4. Copy and paste the default gateway of the network that appears on the field to your browser
  5. Type ‘admin‘ and ‘admin‘ as the login credentials to access the router setting. This should be the default setting of your router credentials except you’ve changed it
  6. Go to the ‘Security’ tab on the router’s control panel
  7. Proceed to open the ‘Encryptions‘ tab
  8. Change the encryption setting to WPA-PSK
  9. Save the configuration and exist

Now that you’ve configured the router’s security encryption to WPA-PSK, try and reconnect the Vizio smart TV to the router. If the problem persists, proceed to the next troubleshooting process.


Routers are made from different manufacturers and the software settings and tab may differ. If you’re experiencing trouble configuring your router’s security encryption on the router’s control panel or trouble accessing the router panel, visit the official website of the manufacturer and search online.

4. Use Internet Cable for the Connection

If you still have trouble connecting your Vizio smart TV wirelessly to a 5 GHz router, using an ethernet cable is your best bet to supply internet to your device.

Generally, wired ethernet connections provide a faster, more reliable internet connection with a lower latency rate compared to wireless connections. To do this, you need an ethernet long enough to reach the TV from the router station.

It’s a plug-and-play system done by plugging one end of the ethernet cable into the router and the other into the Vizio TV ethernet port. Once the connection is secured, the TV will prompt you to set up the wired connection and you can proceed to access the internet on the smart TV.

5. Reset either the Vizio TV or Router or Both (Television and Router)

The Problem preventing the Vizio smart TV from connecting to the 5 GHz broadband may be an underlying software issue and resetting the smart TV or router to its factory setting is sure to provide the solution.

Factory resetting is a process of erasing all contents including files, installed apps, saved media, and data, reverting the TV to the manufacturer’s settings present when you purchase it.

Factory resetting of the television or router should be your last resort after trying all the steps above.

If you’re sure you want to reset your Vizio smart TV or router, follow the steps below:

How to Reset a Vizio Smart TV

  • Launch the TV to access the Menu Window tab by navigating the smart TV with its Remote
  • Navigate to ‘System’ to click
  • Scroll to ‘Reset and Admin‘ and click on the tab
  • Here, select ‘Reset TV to Factory Settings Default
  • Confirm that you want to reset the Vizio TV
  • Wait for a few minutes for the reset to be complete

Note: When you choose to reset the Vizio smart TV, you can backup your media files and documents, and data in cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. to prevent total lose

Here’s is a representation of how to reset your Vizio smart TV:

How to Reset a WiFi Router

Press and hold the rest button of the router for a few seconds which may last for minutes. Hold the button until the light blinks, this shows that you’ve successfully reset the router.

After resetting the router, the router goes back to its manufacturer’s setting with its default router name, username, and password.

Check the router’s body to find it default name and password for the smart TV and other device access it internet service.


If your Vizio smart TV model have a network frequency configuration of 8012.11a, 802.11c, and 802.11ac, it can connect to a 5GHz WiFi. But if with this property, the Vizio smart TV still won’t connect to a 5GHz WiFi, try an of the troubleshooting method listed above.

Alternatively, if you’ve tried all the troubleshooting methods listed in this guide and your Vizio smart TV won’t still connect to your 5GHz WiFi, don’t fret, there’s a way. It’s best to Contact Vizio customer service support and they will be glad to help you out provide your smart TV support with the 5GHz broadband network.

2.4GHz vs 5 GHz: Which Is Better?

The basic difference between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz network signal is the wireless broadband range and speed. While the 2.4GHz have a wider connectivity range, the 5GHz excels the 2.4GHz with it speed to access the internet.

Hence. the choice of which WiFi signal you should use depend on your need. If you need a broader range of action, the 2.4GHz is your best bet while if you’re into streaming services such as gaming where you need faster and uninterrupted WiFi, you will prefer the 5GHz band.


Vizio smart TV won’t connect to 5GHz WiFi is an issue that usually occurs if the smart TV doesn’t support the 5G WiFi. However, if the TV supports WiFi broadband, follow the troubleshooting methods listed in this post to resolve the issue.

In addition, if you have trouble connecting your Vizio smart TV to a WiFi, here is how to connect your Vizio smart TV to any WiFi irrespective of the type of signal:

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